M  A  T  H  I  J  S     A  D  R  I  A  A  N     H  E  Y  L  I  G  E  R  S    M  A  S  T  E  R    V  I  O  L  I  N    M  A  K  E  R

Biographical notes



Mathijs Adriaan Heyligers, born in Holland, moved to Italy in 1975 after his high school diploma. His study of violin making began at the International School of Violin Making of Cremona under the guidance of Giorgio Cè. In 1977 he was invited to the Violin Making School of Parma where he earned a diploma of master violin maker under the guidance of Renato Scrollavezza and Pietro Sgarabotto, in 1980.

Mr. Heyligers and Renato Scrollavezza, interviewed by the BBC

Mr. Heyligers and Renato Scrollavezza, interviewed by the BBC

With Sibelius's violin

While studying violin making, he continued his advanced studies of violin performance, taking lessons regularly with the granddaughter of Sibelius, Satu Jalas from Finland (left in photo, with Sibelius's violin).

His knowledge and expertise in the field of set-up, restoration, and appraisals came from his experience as apprentice to famed American Bruce Carlson (himself a pupil of Hans Weisshaar), the legendary Gimpel Solomon, and Fred Lindeman of Amsterdam, Secretary of the prestigious European Association of Luthiers (UEL).

Repairing a 16th century cello piccolo, and a 17th century Eberle

Repairing a 16th century cello piccolo, and a 17th century Eberle

With Itzak PerlmanWith Shlomo Mintz

Clearly, as a violin maker, violin restorer, and violin player, Mathijs Adriaan Heyligers has been led to the profound understanding of the needs of every musician.  

For this reason, Heyligers instruments are recognized world-wide not only for their formal perfection of construction, but - especially - for their superior sound quality and playability, in the tradition of the greatest Cremona violin making.

With Itzak Perlman (left) and Shlomo Mintz (right)

Mr. Heyligers has received important professional recognition in events such as Violin Society of America Competition, the Kassel International Violin Making Competition and of course in Cremona.

Founding member of the A. Stradivari Consortium of Violin and Bow Makers of Cremona, where he served as vice-president, he has collaborated in numerous musical projects which have been radio- and televised internationally.

During a press conference in MaastrichtWith Ruggero Ricci

During a press conference in Maastricht (left) and with Ruggero Ricci (right)

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