Bridge wood

For making a good baroque bridge the seasoned maple must be of the highest quality.

Size and measurement

Custom made bridges are hand drawn starting from the measurements of the instrument.


At this point the model is chosen, depending on the sound result required..


The various models require a different working approach, the first step is the drilling of the holes.

Jig saw

Next step is the sawing of the outline by hand.


Various knives and chisels are used to give the bridge its final finish

Finished bridge

The bridge is fundamental for the sound of the instrument, different models give a different sound character.

Black bridge

As seen on several 16th and 17th century paintings I use a special ink treatment to improve the strength of the bridge.

Ebony tailpiece

A hand-made tailpiece of high quality seasoned ebony can improve the sound immencely.

Tailpiece models

Various models can be developed in order to improve the sound or playing comfort.


Hand-made old-style chinrests are often requested to improve playing comfort.