Violin Making

Violin Making


Only the very best Spruce and Maple is used for the Heyligers Master Instruments, after many years (50 years or more) of careful natural drying.


The model is chosen to satisfy the customer’s sound idea, personalized to his specific indications.


The carving of the archings is fundamental for the sound character of the final instrument. This is done entirely by hand for maximum control.


The hand-cut purfling reinforces the edges, preventing it from cracking over the years due to weather conditions.


The archings are finished with fingerplanes and scrapers, with scrupulous care.


After finishing the archings the inside is carved out to reach the correct thicknesses of the plates.


The thicknesses are finished with fingerplanes and scrapers, in order to reach the ideal tuning of each plate.


The f-holes are placed and hand-cut with great care. They are fundamental for the sound and define the placing of the bridge.


The carving of the scroll is done by hand and adds personality to the instrument.


Master Luthier Heyligers uses a pure oil-varnish on antique recipe, ideal for a rich sound and the best protection for the years of use to come.